Technika TKNM110 nano wireless optical mouse driver issue

How to get a Technika TKNM110 nano wireless optical mouse working in Vista.

Putting this out there in the hope that it helps someone else who’s had issues with this mouse (which is otherwise pretty comfy and good value IMO). I bought it from Tesco (who I think own the Technika brand, but seemingly don’t want to support it very well).

It wouldn’t install cleanly in Vista, claiming at the end of the driver install process that the device was unknown.

From what I gather this is a general Vista USB mouse issue, but this was where I found the solution for my own problem:

In short, find the unknown device in Device Manager,  and update the driver to “HID Compliant Mouse”.

By Tom Bush

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Thanks for this info, I’ve just bought the same mouse and had the exact same problem. The link does indeed provide you with the answer but you have to scroll down a fair bit. For those who aren’t as tech savvy (I wasn’t entirely sure what you had to do to update the mouse to a HID compliant mouse), here’s the solution:

“This problem seems to be a vista problem and to fix the problem I first installed SP1 update, then I had to find the device in device manager – listed not as a mouse but as an unknown device with a yellow exclamation point, then properties, then re-install driver, then choose “browse for driver software on your computer,” then on the next screen do not hit browse, but instead choose the option on the bottom of the dialog box: “let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer, “then scroll down until you find “Human Interface device compliant mouse” or it might just say HID-compliant mouse.” VOILA – the mouse will now work! Ta da!”

Hi Adam, thanks for taking the time to clearly post the solution unlike myself 🙂 a bit of laziness on my part… sorry.


I had a Technika TKNM110 nano wireless optical mouse since June 20110 and it workde fine until 1 week ago. I do not recall any problem installing or any prompts.
NOW it has packed in and will not work at all. Tesco were fine and replaced it with no difficulty. I thought that that was that. Now the new one won’t fire up and I have to return again to Tesco.

I have pursued Forums on the subject to no avail. Any ideas?

I have an Acer Aspire 4810TZ and Windows 7 with Office 2007.

Thank you in advance.

Peter Prince

I purchased the Bush Wireless Nano Mouse and by looking for HID compliant drivers, its working. Thanks Adam 🙂

Hi Adam,
Many many thanks for this information. I searched for hours for a solution to the same problem. Then I came across your clear and explicit instructions. With in minutes I was up and running. I was on the verge of throwing this mouse back at Tescos. You saved my a lot off time and perhaps a heart attack.

Brought one of these didn’t work at all. returned it on the first day and got another simple enough but then the next one didn’t work properly and then packed in completely after 2 weeks. It’s a shame cos i quite liked the shape and size. Unfortunately i’d have to advise people to steer clear of this mouse. i’ve read a lot of people with the same problem as me and they are clearly not made properly.

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