“Could not connect to Evernote server” fix

This is a problem I've only ever had on Windows 7 but I gather it can affect you on XP too. If Evernote says Synchronization failed, could not connect to Evernote server and you aren't sure why because everything else seems to work on the internet, go to Tools menu, Options, then the General tab and then click on "Log folder". If in recent logs you can see Windows Internet subsystem is in offline mode chances are that Internet Explorer is in offline mode. Fire up Internet Explorer, verify Read more [...]
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Evernote Mobile web interface for quick notetaking

I've been using Evernote's Mobile web interface ( to take notes quickly on desktop PCs. I find the full Evernote interface (desktop client or web) a too distracting if all I want to do is make some plain text notes without reviewing what's already there. (NB: On Ubuntu I found Firefox gave me an XML error when visiting the mobile site, whereas Chrome worked fine. I don't know if this is the same on Windows/other operating systems.) Read more [...]