bbLean flickering with Chrome/Firefox/other: FIX

I just loaded up bbLean as a way of speeding up my old Win7 laptop, only to discover that Google Chrome (the app I use the most) was flickering really badly because it has its own skin, and bbLean was trying to apply its own titlebar too.

I would have just commented on Nimret’s blog to say thanks, but it seems that comments are turned off. I decided to post thanks and the method here instead (but you can read the original here).

The answer to Chrome flickering with bbLean is:

  1. Open the blackbox right click menu from the desktop
  2. Go to bbleanskin then Edit Exclusions
  3. Type ‘chrome.exe’ at the end of the file

This should work for any applications facing the same problem.

bbLean flickering fix
Go here to stop bbLean flickering with Chrome and other apps

Let me know if this doesn’t fix your bbLean flickering issues.

Edit: This reportedly affects other apps with a bespoke title bar such as Firefox

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3 replies on “bbLean flickering with Chrome/Firefox/other: FIX”

For Firefox:

Go to Menu —> Customize

Look down in the bottom left corner, click “Title Bar” (you want the button to look pushed).

That’s all. Enjoy.

It’s still not working for me with Microsoft office 2013 (all the programs involved).
The program name for, say, Word 2013 is “winword.exe”, and even when I type it into the exclusions list, it still has the flickering title bar.

Chrome and Firefox worked just fine for me, it’s just office

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