Weekly Review Checklist App

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating an app that helps with a weekly review for a while. I first came across the idea when reading about Getting Things Done and the massive list of ‘triggers’ that comes with that. To be honest I found it a bit daunting and didn’t need to check all those things every week.

So, in my own simple, trivial way I’ve written what is essentially just a web page with a list on it, except that the list updates a progress bar and nicely removes things from focus when they are complete.

It uses a tiny amount of AngularJS which is something that I wanted to dip my toe into, and the Bootstrap template to get up and running quickly. The idea is (initially) to just run it locally and customise the list to your own requirements.

I’ve put it on Github in case there’s anyone interested, but also for the sake of having a demo, I’ve also uploaded my Weekly Review App to the server here. It should be an absolute piece of cake for someone to adapt, I’ll continue to work on it, perhaps one day there will be something people can log into if I get round to it! Let me know in the comments if you find it even 10% useful, constructive criticism welcome!

By Tom Bush

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