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It’s true that the Google Tasks is nothing new but I’m using it more and more for noting down ad hoc lists of tasks and things that don’t need processing.

The URL for the Google Tasks Canvas View (a more tablet friendly multi-pane version) is and you’ll need to be logged into a Google account for any Google Tasks functionality (it’s sort of part of Gmail).

It’s very lightweight and not intended to be a replacement for Basecamp or Remember the Milk, but it does what it has to well, and as with any Google product there is always scope for development (for example they recently added an API which is very promising).

At the moment you can sort tasks by hand, by due date and create subtasks when not sorting by date. The canvas view allows more convenient editing of multiple lists, and Google Tasks as a whole allows emailing and printing lists, and keeps completed tasks. It also integrates nicely with Google Calendar.

There aren’t really any options, because it doesn’t need them. However it would be great if there was a way to choose a default sorting method, that’s the only thing that bugs me, and that’s pretty minor.

All in all Google Tasks is a useful little todo list that goes everywhere. What sort of features would you add, or would that defeat the object? Are there things you would change about the “canvas” view?

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