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Evernote Mobile web interface for quick notetaking

I've been using Evernote's Mobile web interface ( to take notes quickly on desktop PCs. I find the full Evernote interface (desktop client or web) a too distracting if all I want to do is make some plain text notes without reviewing what's already there. (NB: On Ubuntu I found Firefox gave me an XML error when visiting the mobile site, whereas Chrome worked fine. I don't know if this is the same on Windows/other operating systems.) Read more [...]

3D Tour of Machu Picchu (and other tourist attractions)

I was looking for a way to tour Machu Picchu without having to actually go there (for various reasons including cashflow, effort, free time). Initially the closest thing I could find was actually a combination of static map and some of those 360 degree photos all stitched together. I wanted to walk down the Inca Trail a bit, look up and see a condor overhead, feel the vertigo of the drop to my right, etc. It wouldn't be very efficient to have to add these sorts of actions to a video, so my next Read more [...]

How to use negative keywords in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

I'm sure this is common knowledge, but it's worth noting that whilst doing keyword research using Google's external keyword tool you can use negative keywords like so: This is useful if you want to refine your keyword list before exporting to CSV. Also, when you tick "only show ideas closely related to my search terms" it tends to return ideas that are almost exactly related to your search terms, which can be too limiting. This way you can use negatives to manually remove suggestions from Read more [...]
Music & Audio

Convert wav to mp3 online with

A few days ago I needed to convert a short wav file to mp3 format. I wanted to email a recording to a few friends, and the wav filecame in around 15mb, so I figured converting to mp3 would be a good idea, to save time and bandwidth (especially since what I was sending was so trivial that quality didn't matter). I didn't want to install any extra software on my work PC (although Audacity is always installed at home!) and found that website did the job nicely. It converts from a Read more [...]

How to hide your Posterous profile

I'm not claiming this makes your Posterous anonymous at all, but if you would like to hide your profile information from being displayed on your Posterous site/blog/whatever: Go to "Manage" Go to "Theme my site" Click on "Advanced" and name your new template Expand the editor using the link on the right Remove everything from and including <section id="profile"> up to and including the relevant occurrence of </section> Repeat for other sections if you want to remove contributor Read more [...]