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If you’re looking for a tool to strip HTML tags online, perhaps the one at can help.

Bit of background: I update a website every week or so with a post based on a newsletter that comes in DOC format. I convert it to HTML to extract the images easily (they’re saved in a directory), then I upload them to WordPress.

What I’m left with is a bit horrible because Word does not clean up HTML before it renders it. As a result, I need a tool to help with stripping the HTML from the document. The “Strip HTML Tags” tool at does just this, but crucially it allows you to specify tags you would like to keep. For cleaning up a newsletter that makes heavy use of <emph>, <b>, <i> etc tags, this is a great feature.

In addition, it stores the tags you’d like to allow throughout a session, and can even work on stripping HTML from URLs you give it.

It’s a free, quick and versatile way to strip HTML tags online (which is really handy if I need to post the newsletter quickly from someone else’s PC).

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