Lasagne Sandwich Recipe (EASY!)

lasagne sandwich
Lasagne sandwich

This is old news but…

Gutted you missed the lasagne sandwich Tesco were once selling? Really though? Did it seem like a good idea? The Guardian didn’t think so. Anyway.

The lasagne sandwich ‘recipe’

The quick and dirty way to a delicious lasagne sandwich is this:

1. Get a bun
2. Cut bun
3. Flop entire lasagne wedge into bun
4. Close bun
5. Eat sandwichy goodness

Okay, to make this badboy you have to have some lasagne to hand first. Just get someone to make some for you, or buy a microwaveable lasagne first and then let it cool. Maybe think about a salad or some chips to go with your lasagne sandwich.

Closing thoughts and discussion points

I have some questions relating to this concoction:

  1. Is it mostly sandwich, or mostly lasagne? Is it a pasta dish or a sandwich?
  2. Should pasta ever be served in conjunction with bread other than when bread is separate on the table? Carb on carb action is usually questionable in my book (this of course excludes spaghetti hoops on toast).

Thusly end my thoughts on the lasagne sandwich.

By Tom Bush

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