The Best Google Cake Ever (if you liked Insights)

Google Insights Cake
A delicious Google Insights cake

Google Cakes? There are loads of them. Look closely and you’ll even find a cake inspired by Google Analytics. But are you ready for the long, lost, long-tail, best Google cake ever?

So I was going through Evernote having a clear out, when I noticed this photo of a Google Insights cake that was made for a competition at work.

You may know that Google Insights has been absorbed into Google Trends and had a redesign, so this cake is no longer accurate. However, I like to think that this was more than just a quirky cake, it was a historically significant document. Unfortunately, it was also delicious, meaning this photograph, like the cake before it, is just a representation of something that once was.

I suppose I could do a whole range of posts of Google-related memorabilia (in fact I already posted my Android USB keychain, yes, I’m very sad). Unfortunately they move so fast these days that they’ll probably do anything I think of for real at some point. This would of course negate all the one-off novelty value, and steal the limelight for themselves.

I did look into Bing-themed cakes, but it seems nobody really wants to turn Bing into a tasty baked treat. That might be because the Bing logo doesn’t lend itself so well to the primary colours of shop-bought icing. I’d love to be proved wrong, of course. Send me your photos! Even better, send me your cake!

By Tom Bush

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