Blogging Quick Tips

WordPress can’t edit category slug

WordPress can't edit category slug? WordPress wouldn't allow me to edit the category slug "online-tools-2" down to "online-tools" no matter what I did. Just a quick shout out here to who have posted the answer to the problem I was having... thanks guys. The answer in my case was to delete the tag that already had the same slug (which also leads to asking what I should be using tags and categories for, how they should differ). Read more [...]

How to hide your Posterous profile

I'm not claiming this makes your Posterous anonymous at all, but if you would like to hide your profile information from being displayed on your Posterous site/blog/whatever: Go to "Manage" Go to "Theme my site" Click on "Advanced" and name your new template Expand the editor using the link on the right Remove everything from and including <section id="profile"> up to and including the relevant occurrence of </section> Repeat for other sections if you want to remove contributor Read more [...]