How to hide your Posterous profile

I’m not claiming this makes your Posterous anonymous at all, but if you would like to hide your profile information from being displayed on your Posterous site/blog/whatever:

  1. Go to “Manage”
  2. Go to “Theme my site”
  3. Click on “Advanced” and name your new template
  4. Expand the editor using the link on the right
  5. Remove everything from and including <section id=”profile”> up to and including the relevant occurrence of </section>
  6. Repeat for other sections if you want to remove contributor lists etc.

Note: I don’t see why a theme would be made this way, but if you were using a theme that had a section inside a section, this might get more complicated. Seek advice if you aren’t sure. Then again, Posterous tells you to save a new template anyway so what have you got to lose? Go crazy.

By Tom Bush

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2 replies on “How to hide your Posterous profile”

Thanks for sharing this – the amount of Posterous code can be intimidating for those new to it.

While exploring what can safely be removed, I’ve found it useful to comment out the block in question using the good ol’ HTML comment tag. This makes it easy to hide whole sections from your site but still have them available in case you:

a) want them back at some point, or
b) want to copy the style/elements/etc somewhere else

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