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About me

There are a number of people called Tom Bush out there. So as to distinguish myself from the others, I have written this short page detailing parts of my life to date. I am (in varying measures) a guitar-playing, internet marketing, Linux-using friendly sort of a chap.


I have a strong background in biddable media, but am also experienced with SEO, content, analytics and turning business, market and competitor data into insightful and actionable next steps. I have worked in the digital marketing world for over 8 years at agencies both small and large. My main experience is with clients in the tourism, B2B, telco, insurance, luxury, and academic publishing verticals.

In that time I have also learnt all about offline channels, managing client relationships, presentation skills, research and creative.

Academic background

I have an MPhil from the University of Wales. My dissertation topic was on the way that technology reveals history and the seemingly irrevocable ‘progress’ of technology. I’d love to discuss this with you if you want to get in touch!

Any comments/questions/suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks for visiting.

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