bbLean flickering with Chrome/Firefox/other: FIX

I just loaded up bbLean as a way of speeding up my old Win7 laptop, only to discover that Google Chrome (the app I use the most) was flickering really badly because it has its own skin, and bbLean was trying to apply its own titlebar too. I would have just commented on Nimret's blog to say thanks, but it seems that comments are turned off. I decided to post thanks and the method here instead (but you can read the original here). The answer to Chrome flickering with bbLean is: Open the blackbox Read more [...]

Windows Update: Same Updates Over And Over Again (FIX)

There was me thinking that the Windows Update mechanism was designed to streamline updates to the operating system, eliminating the need to go to a website to download fixes and patches. Ha ha ha. Without realising it, I've been repeatedly shutting down to install the same Windows Updates on Vista for the past 2 weeks. Windows Update never registered the installs and kept on asking me to do it again. Many of the help sites I found just suggested ignoring the updates in the future, which didn't Read more [...]

“Could not connect to Evernote server” fix

This is a problem I've only ever had on Windows 7 but I gather it can affect you on XP too. If Evernote says Synchronization failed, could not connect to Evernote server and you aren't sure why because everything else seems to work on the internet, go to Tools menu, Options, then the General tab and then click on "Log folder". If in recent logs you can see Windows Internet subsystem is in offline mode chances are that Internet Explorer is in offline mode. Fire up Internet Explorer, verify Read more [...]