bbLean flickering with Chrome/Firefox/other: FIX

I just loaded up bbLean as a way of speeding up my old Win7 laptop, only to discover that Google Chrome (the app I use the most) was flickering really badly because it has its own skin, and bbLean was trying to apply its own titlebar too. I would have just commented on Nimret's blog to say thanks, but it seems that comments are turned off. I decided to post thanks and the method here instead (but you can read the original here). The answer to Chrome flickering with bbLean is: Open the blackbox Read more [...]

Biddable Media: Will All Advertising One Day Be Biddable?

Introduction to biddable media Behind Google's huge advertising revenue, behind those annoying banners you see all over the web, behind the skippable ads before YouTube videos is the phenomenon of real-time bidding (RTB). This is a method of buying advertising space that, rather than arranging it in advance via a tenancy or reservation buy (i.e. money up front at an agreed price), relies on an auction taking place usually at lightning speed, between interested parties. The first and requisite part Read more [...]

Convert dates to text in Excel: days, months, times and more

This article will look at ways to convert dates to text in Excel; that means converting dates into day names, hours, months and more. This is a really simple thing to do but it has a number of uses. As an aside, when you work with data on a daily basis, these sorts of Excel tips come up quite often, and whilst its easy enough to go and find the answers on Excel forums, I thought I would start putting them down here in one place so that I remember them myself, but also so that any interested readers Read more [...]

The Best Google Cake Ever (if you liked Insights)

Google Cakes? There are loads of them. Look closely and you'll even find a cake inspired by Google Analytics. But are you ready for the long, lost, long-tail, best Google cake ever? So I was going through Evernote having a clear out, when I noticed this photo of a Google Insights cake that was made for a competition at work. You may know that Google Insights has been absorbed into Google Trends and had a redesign, so this cake is no longer accurate. However, I like to think that this was Read more [...]

LOVEFiLM Buffering Problems? Here’s a workaround!

I've been having LOVEFiLM buffering problems for some time now. This only started when we changed broadband provider, so I'm tempted to say that it's Virgin's traffic shaping that is causing the issues. Anyway, I'm not writing to moan about that, I don't know exactly what has caused the problem so I'm not pointing my finger at anyone. When in full screen mode, I get LOVEFiLM constantly buffering every minute or so, for 2-5 seconds. This can get pretty annoying. It struck me that there was a pretty Read more [...]