15 Best Holiday Tips Beyond The Packing List

We recently went on a holiday to New York. On the last day we stopped in at the Gasoline Alley coffee company and took 15 mins to write down some of the things that had helped it go smoothly. Here are our 15 best holiday tips (and here we’re talking about things you can do to help enjoy your holiday, not the best ways to buy a holiday or a packing list). Make sure there is a balance between organised tourism and doing things that you didn’t already see on a hundred blogs. Plan to be flexible, Read more [...]

3D Tour of Machu Picchu (and other tourist attractions)

I was looking for a way to tour Machu Picchu without having to actually go there (for various reasons including cashflow, effort, free time). Initially the closest thing I could find was actually a combination of static map and some of those 360 degree photos all stitched together. I wanted to walk down the Inca Trail a bit, look up and see a condor overhead, feel the vertigo of the drop to my right, etc. It wouldn't be very efficient to have to add these sorts of actions to a video, so my next Read more [...]