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Insert Key (or equivalent) on Ubuntu using a Mac keyboard

Pretty niche audience for this one, but posting it for my own benefit as much as anything. Thanks to the original link at Ubuntu Forums for the following hints: [fn]+[return]= Insert [fn]+[UPARROW]= Pg Up [fn]+[DOWNARROW]= Pg Down Please share if you found this useful!

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How To Speed Up Your Samsung N145 Plus Netbook

I’ve been using a Samsung N145 Plus netbook for a while now. Whilst I am happy with it in general, I do find that sometimes it slows down for no apparent reason. Here are a few tips to help speed up your machine that you might not have thought of. Use the right web browser at the right time I find that Google Chrome starts quickest on the N145 Plus, so I use that if I quickly want to check email or look something up. Firefox takes a while longer to load up. Chrome starts to slow down badly though Read more […]

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Google’s other Android USB Keychain

Not sure if this is that exciting but there was a post at Search Engine Roundtable about a Google USB stick in the shape of the Android, er, android. Obtained this similar one a few weeks back… Please share if you found this useful!

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Evernote Mobile web interface for quick notetaking

I’ve been using Evernote’s Mobile web interface ( to take notes quickly on desktop PCs. I find the full Evernote interface (desktop client or web) a too distracting if all I want to do is make some plain text notes without reviewing what’s already there. (NB: On Ubuntu I found Firefox gave me an XML error when visiting the mobile site, whereas Chrome worked fine. I don’t know if this is the same on Windows/other operating systems.) Read more […]

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Technika TKNM110 nano wireless optical mouse driver issue

How to get a Technika TKNM110 nano wireless optical mouse working in Vista.

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