bbLean flickering with Chrome/Firefox/other: FIX

I just loaded up bbLean as a way of speeding up my old Win7 laptop, only to discover that Google Chrome (the app I use the most) was flickering really badly because it has its own skin, and bbLean was trying to apply its own titlebar too. I would have just commented on Nimret's blog to say thanks, but it seems that comments are turned off. I decided to post thanks and the method here instead (but you can read the original here). The answer to Chrome flickering with bbLean is: Open the blackbox Read more [...]

Convert dates to text in Excel: days, months, times and more

This article will look at ways to convert dates to text in Excel; that means converting dates into day names, hours, months and more. This is a really simple thing to do but it has a number of uses. As an aside, when you work with data on a daily basis, these sorts of Excel tips come up quite often, and whilst its easy enough to go and find the answers on Excel forums, I thought I would start putting them down here in one place so that I remember them myself, but also so that any interested readers Read more [...]

Unhide Multiple Sheets in Excel

I recently had a need to unhide multiple sheets in Excel (maybe you call them tabs). Whoever sent me the original file had decided to spread their data out over so many extra sheets that it would have taken almost literally minutes to unhide them all. Naturally, I wasted even more time looking for a way to automate this process. I found two pretty good ways to unhide multiple Excel tabs. Unhide Multiple Excel Sheets Using Custom Views Okay, this one doesn't require any code and is EASY. It Read more [...]

Paste as Plain Text In Any App With Puretext, A Free Portable Windows App

There are a number of situations that you might want to paste as plain text, i.e. with all formatting removed. Lots of copy and pasting from the web results in formatted text. This is fine if you are only pasting into a search box, URL bar or Notepad, but if you are putting this into Evernote, Word, Powerpoint or other rich text aware applications, you don't always want to keep the source formatting. Copying numbers between Excel sheets or documents often brings with it formatting unless you Read more [...]

Windows Update: Same Updates Over And Over Again (FIX)

There was me thinking that the Windows Update mechanism was designed to streamline updates to the operating system, eliminating the need to go to a website to download fixes and patches. Ha ha ha. Without realising it, I've been repeatedly shutting down to install the same Windows Updates on Vista for the past 2 weeks. Windows Update never registered the installs and kept on asking me to do it again. Many of the help sites I found just suggested ignoring the updates in the future, which didn't Read more [...]