WinSXS cleanup: how to remove GB of files in the WinSXS folder

This post is a quick one on WinSXS cleanup, and it works (for me). None of the instructions I found online helped me, including the KB2852386 fix on Windows update. Try this: Go to C:\Windows\system32 Right click on cleanmgr.exe and Run As Administrator Now, the relevant "Windows Update Cleanup" option and another for cleaning up Service Pack backups should appear. Tick them both Proceed! For me this worked a treat for WinSXS cleanup. Read more [...]

LOVEFiLM Buffering Problems? Here’s a workaround!

I've been having LOVEFiLM buffering problems for some time now. This only started when we changed broadband provider, so I'm tempted to say that it's Virgin's traffic shaping that is causing the issues. Anyway, I'm not writing to moan about that, I don't know exactly what has caused the problem so I'm not pointing my finger at anyone. When in full screen mode, I get LOVEFiLM constantly buffering every minute or so, for 2-5 seconds. This can get pretty annoying. It struck me that there was a pretty Read more [...]

WordPress can’t edit category slug

WordPress can't edit category slug? WordPress wouldn't allow me to edit the category slug "online-tools-2" down to "online-tools" no matter what I did. Just a quick shout out here to who have posted the answer to the problem I was having... thanks guys. The answer in my case was to delete the tag that already had the same slug (which also leads to asking what I should be using tags and categories for, how they should differ). Read more [...]

How To Share YouTube Videos At A Specific Time

Okay, so this is nothing new but I still seem to sit through YouTube videos waiting for the one funny bit I've been told about. Imagine all the time that would be saved in the world if people would just right click on the YouTube video and select "Copy Video URL at current time". Then you can go away and paste it into an email or Facebook or whatever you normally do, happy in the knowledge you are saving your friends' precious time. Doesn't seem worth it? Doesn't seem important enough? Read more [...]

Evernote Mobile web interface for quick notetaking

I've been using Evernote's Mobile web interface ( to take notes quickly on desktop PCs. I find the full Evernote interface (desktop client or web) a too distracting if all I want to do is make some plain text notes without reviewing what's already there. (NB: On Ubuntu I found Firefox gave me an XML error when visiting the mobile site, whereas Chrome worked fine. I don't know if this is the same on Windows/other operating systems.) Read more [...]