4 Wordle Alternatives

What is Wordle? Wordle is a popular online tool that allows you to input a web page, block of text or list of keywords, and have it spit out a graphic known as a word cloud. Wordle does this job pretty well, but something that gets asked at work quite a lot is if there are any Wordle alternatives out there. In addition, Wordle is a little awkward if all you want is an image file at the end of it that you can paste into a presentation for example, without taking screenshots. Here's a list of a Read more [...]

Strip HTML Tags Online with zubrag.com

If you're looking for a tool to strip HTML tags online, perhaps the one at zubrag.com can help. Bit of background: I update a website every week or so with a post based on a newsletter that comes in DOC format. I convert it to HTML to extract the images easily (they're saved in a directory), then I upload them to WordPress. What I'm left with is a bit horrible because Word does not clean up HTML before it renders it. As a result, I need a tool to help with stripping the HTML from the document. Read more [...]