The Best Google Cake Ever (if you liked Insights)

Google Cakes? There are loads of them. Look closely and you'll even find a cake inspired by Google Analytics. But are you ready for the long, lost, long-tail, best Google cake ever? So I was going through Evernote having a clear out, when I noticed this photo of a Google Insights cake that was made for a competition at work. You may know that Google Insights has been absorbed into Google Trends and had a redesign, so this cake is no longer accurate. However, I like to think that this was Read more [...]

Cooking bacon in the microwave: don’t use the paper towel method

Cooking bacon in the microwave... the bacon-ground to the story I had been invited to a friend's house. It was just 9.17am, so it was far too early to arrive with a bottle of wine as a gift. I improvised by grabbing a pack of bacon that I had been thinking about for some time. Upon arrival, my suggestion of a bacon sandwich was greeted with approval. I wandered off to the kitchen to do my thing. Unable to locate the frying pan, I suggested cooking the bacon in the microwave. I could have grilled Read more [...]

Lasagne Sandwich Recipe (EASY!)

This is old news but... Gutted you missed the lasagne sandwich Tesco were once selling? Really though? Did it seem like a good idea? The Guardian didn't think so. Anyway. The lasagne sandwich 'recipe' The quick and dirty way to a delicious lasagne sandwich is this: 1. Get a bun 2. Cut bun 3. Flop entire lasagne wedge into bun 4. Close bun 5. Eat sandwichy goodness Okay, to make this badboy you have to have some lasagne to hand first. Just get someone to make some for you, or buy a Read more [...]