Week Commencing Excel Formula

A lot of the data we use is on a daily basis. This is great for more granular insight and for pacing media spend etc. Sometimes however you want to bundle it all up into nice, weekly buckets (often based on 'week commencing') so that you can look at how weeks affect the sales pattern over the month, for example. This might be harder to see based on daily data. If you need to calculate the week commencing date in Excel (i.e. the date of the Monday that another date falls in) then the following Read more [...]
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15 Best Holiday Tips Beyond The Packing List

We recently went on a holiday to New York. On the last day we stopped in at the Gasoline Alley coffee company and took 15 mins to write down some of the things that had helped it go smoothly. Here are our 15 best holiday tips (and here we’re talking about things you can do to help enjoy your holiday, not the best ways to buy a holiday or a packing list). Make sure there is a balance between organised tourism and doing things that you didn’t already see on a hundred blogs. Plan to be flexible, Read more [...]
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WinSXS cleanup: how to remove GB of files in the WinSXS folder

This post is a quick one on WinSXS cleanup, and it works (for me). None of the instructions I found online helped me, including the KB2852386 fix on Windows update. Try this: Go to C:\Windows\system32 Right click on cleanmgr.exe and Run As Administrator Now, the relevant "Windows Update Cleanup" option and another for cleaning up Service Pack backups should appear. Tick them both Proceed! For me this worked a treat for WinSXS cleanup. Read more [...]
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bbLean flickering with Chrome/Firefox/other: FIX

I just loaded up bbLean as a way of speeding up my old Win7 laptop, only to discover that Google Chrome (the app I use the most) was flickering really badly because it has its own skin, and bbLean was trying to apply its own titlebar too. I would have just commented on Nimret's blog to say thanks, but it seems that comments are turned off. I decided to post thanks and the method here instead (but you can read the original here). The answer to Chrome flickering with bbLean is: Open the blackbox Read more [...]
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Biddable Media: Will All Advertising One Day Be Biddable?

Introduction to biddable media Behind Google's huge advertising revenue, behind those annoying banners you see all over the web, behind the skippable ads before YouTube videos is the phenomenon of real-time bidding (RTB). This is a method of buying advertising space that, rather than arranging it in advance via a tenancy or reservation buy (i.e. money up front at an agreed price), relies on an auction taking place usually at lightning speed, between interested parties. The first and requisite part Read more [...]
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